This year instead of everyone at AAUK giving gifts to suppliers, customers, and business contacts our Director Lisa decided to take herself off to Asda Queslett and bought hundreds of Cadbury’s advent calenders, so many they wheeled them out to the waiting van on palettes. It was quite comical to watch the AAUK and Asda staff awkwardly try and get them in the van but it was eventually accomplished.

The advent calendars were all destined for local food banks like the ones run by Elim Life Church, some went on directly to their final destinations whilst others had a brief stop over in the Able Access UK showroom (heavily guarded) before being collected or distributed.

All of them though ended up safely in the hands of local children before the end of November, children whose families rely on food banks to help them survive. This was all part one of Lisa’s AAUK Christmas plan, part two was all set for delivery to the food banks in December just in time for Christmas!

We didn’t give in order to receive anything but it certainly did makes us all feel awesome, the thought that there were children out there that would get a lovely little treat just for themselves everyday in December when normally their parents try so hard just to feed them on a daily basis that it is highly unlikely they’d be able to justify a treat like that. It is definitely something we’ll do again in the future and not just for Christmas time. The only reason we have chosen to put it on here is to further raise awareness of the food banks local to us all.


Elim Life Church Food Bank is located at 31 Kettlehouse Road, Kingstanding Circle, B44 9JH   

Open from 11.30-1.30 pm every Tuesday.

Hunger is not just a developing countries problem thousands of miles away.  People pass you every day – families, children, the vulnerable, the unemployed…


In Kingstanding many people are living on the edge of poverty. National statistics show that 34% of households in Kingstanding with dependent children have no adult in employment – this is more than double the national average. 31% of adults are claimants of main benefits and 50% have no qualifications.

All it takes is a sudden, unexpected event – a bereavement, illness, redundancy – to throw people into a genuine crisis.  This is where the food bank can literally be a lifeline to families and individuals who find themselves in this situation.

The food bank provides people with the essentials at a time when they need them most, filling the gap of days – or sometimes weeks – before other parts of our social infrastructure can come into play.  We receive donations of dried and tinned food (also toiletries) mainly from churches, our own church members, schools and local residents.

Food parcels are made available to local families and individuals sent on referral. Referrals come from registered professionals including schools, doctors, health visitors, church pastoral workers, advice centres and social workers.

Food bank can also provide toiletries such as toilet rolls, soap, shower gel and toothpaste as well as nappies and baby food.

Kingstanding Life Café – Every Tuesday, while food bank is running, enthusiastic and committed volunteers run our Life Café for food bank clients.  This is an opportunity for clients to have a hot cup of tea or coffee and some signposting help if needed.  The Café is not restricted to food bank clients and welcomes anyone who is in need of some company to drop in and have a cuppa and chat.  It is important to us to help meet the need of the whole person and to show God’s kindness in many different ways.

What can you do?

If you would like to donate food or toiletries to food bank it can be brought to Kettlehouse Road between 11.30 and 1.30 on Tuesdays or deposited in collection points at:-

Tesco Express, Hawthorn Road

Co-Operative, Hawthorne Road

Asda, Perry Barr & Queslett Road


Check out their very informative website for further information and ways you can help improve your local community.

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