Hello 2018!

Once all of the plans have been made, very important business had been discussed and seeing as this is the only time that everyone at AAUK is together at the same time – it was time for our monthly lunch!

This month we celebrated the New Year and another birthday for Able Access UK but blimey o’riley it was chilly! Thankfully we had a jacket potato and hot soup buffet to take the edge off, that and someone turned the thermostat up a bit yay! Unfortunately for some, being faced with fresh crusty bread, chilli and home-made chicken curry was all a bit too much and the diets went out of the window it’s amazing how much more enthusiatic the staff are when plied with food.

Lisa knows the staff here work incredibly hard for our customers and this is just one of many ways in which she shows her appreciation for all they have done in December.

There was barely a crumb left by the end of the day and everyone left for the weekend with full bellies and full of ideas and enthusiasm for the month ahead. The Director Lisa and Louise our fantastic H.R. Manager love to inject a bit of fun as everyone is so professional the rest of the time, Louise in particular goes the extra mile for the staff by decorating and theming each meeting differently. The staff even suggest themes for the future themselves along with their votes for Employee of the Month. The management’s efforts were fully enjoyed and very much appreciated!

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