Once all of the plans have been made, customers taken care of and very important business had been discussed and seeing as this is the only time that everyone at AAUK is together at the same time – it was time for our monthly lunch!

This month we celebrated by shutting up shop for the afternoon after our meeting. Lisa taking us all to the Plough & Harrow in Aldridge and bought us a slap-up Christmas dinner a few people hit the drinks a bit hard but hey it’s Friday and Christmas!

Hours later, everyone was stuffed and happy and we left for the weekend with full of Christmas cheer, ideas and enthusiasm for the month and indeed new year ahead. (And needing a quick change and disco nap before Christmas drinks in town with all our lovely workmen and sub-contractors later!)

The staff here work incredibly hard for our customers and this is just one of the ways Lisa shows her appreciation for all that they do.

If this is how Christmas begins it’s going to be a real cracker this year!

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