Installing our wheelchair step lifts is about customer safety, accessibility and compliance, whilst protecting the safety of other building and stairway users. After many years of working alongside healthcare professionals, charities, local authorities and housing associations, we have developed our installation and design processes in order to ensure the ease and accessibility for our customers.

With Able Access, you can be sure that all our step lifts are manufactured to the highest standards. We have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing your wheelchair step lift, and we can talk you through your options in order to find the right step lift for you.

With our wheelchair step lifts there is no need for a user to transfer to another seat to travel up steps or stairs, which reduces risk and inconvenience. Our commercial wheelchair step lifts maintain the wheelchair user’s independence as they can control the step themselves, and do not need to rely on the support of another person to make the journey.

Our step lifts are designed to accommodate a wide range of access requirements. Boasting a small footprint and capable of lifting 280kg between two levels to a maximum of 1m, the step lift can be used in your home internally or externally to provide quiet, safe and reliable access.

Our team understands that there are challenges that an individual will have, and managing the restrictions presented by the home or outdoor space is vital in ensuring that the finished result is unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

Designed for travelling short distances, the step lift travels within its own fully enclosed structure and is securely fixed to a wall, door or floor level, removing the need for costly building works. Whether in the home, the office or store, the practical realities of a property redesign can be difficult to create accessibility for everyone. Although ramps are simple solutions for those who can not manage steps or stairs, they frequently take up space that simply isn’t available. This makes our step lift a viable option for both domestic and small commercial business use.

Compact and unobtrusive, these wheelchair step lifts can sit beside stairs to ensure no disruption. Platforms are available in several sizes, and our step lifts are robust, safe and easy to use. As well as this, our wheelchair lifts are cost-effective and often the more cost-effective lift option for easy access. Once installed our step lifts are easy to maintain.