Step lifting platforms are an elegant mobility solution designed to help wheelchair or mobility scooter users enjoy a freer and more independent lifestyle.

The platforms help users access the upper floors in their homes or climb steep external staircases (for access to front and back gardens) to make it easier for an individual to access the entirety of their home. Users do not need support from another individual to operate them.

Our step lifting platforms can hold up to maximum capacity of 225kg, ensuring that anyone can use them with their mobility equipment, and they are one of the most space-efficient mobility solutions available.


What is a Step Lifting Platform?

A step lifting platform is a simple and convenient mobility solution for people with wheelchairs or mobility scooters that would otherwise be able to traverse stairs or drops. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from to ensure that any user can be catered for, no matter the size of their equipment.

A platform such as this does not require the user to exit their wheelchair or mobility scooter for it to function, which then allows them to then move about the connecting floor freely with ease. It also means that they needn’t have any support from a carer or family member when getting themselves around their own home.

As a larger-scale alternative to our Step Lifts, which are typically designed for small gaps between surfaces of up to a metre, our platform step lifts can be installed internally or externally depending on your needs.

Even better, our step platform lifts are all wall mounted and will fold away automatically, helping you save floor space and also cause no inconvenience to any family members who may share your living space!


Can Wheelchair Users Access Step Lifting Platforms?

Yes! The point of a step lifting platform is to be operated by an individual in a wheelchair without the need of assistance from someone else, and our step lifting platforms are custom made to the specific needs of our customers.

These platform lifts are are designed to give mobility impaired users the freedom and independence they need to benefit from the full space their home has to offer.

All our platforms are built to be safe, secure, and robust, all while being made-to-measure for the specifications of your mobility equipment. This allows us to keep the risk of injury while using our equipment at zero!


What’s the Difference Between Step Lifts and Step Lifting Platforms?

While similar in design, step lifts and step lifting platforms are different in two key areas. These are the distance that each can carry an individual and the ways in which they can be stored.

Step lifts, which in some cases may be called a “platform step lift” (confusing, we know), which are a different type of access solution we provide, are designed for small distances, usually less than a metre. This is to help a mobility-impaired individual navigate awkward lips and drops around their home, usually where the house was built on a slope and it was necessary to bump a floor up or down for structural stability. They are usually immobile and installed in a single location.

Step lifting platforms, on the other hand, are designed to carry an individual over long distances, usually full staircases, and can be tailored to our customer’s specific type of wheelchair.

Our platforms have a maximum capacity of 225kg, more than enough to fit a person and their mobility solution on at any time.


Able Access Provide Comprehensive Platform Step Lift Installations

We can help not only source and consult you on your best possible mobility solutions, but our team of experts will also install your mobility solutions wherever you need them. They can even handle conversion or building work if it is needed to safely install your new step lifting platform.

Our relationships with healthcare professionals, charities, local authorities, and housing associations means that our installation and design processes are of the highest standard. When carrying out any installation or building project, safety, compliance, and convenience are always at the forefront of our mind.

All our step lifting platforms are robust, safe, and easy to use. Although small and sleek, all types of our wheelchair lifts are strong and powerful and are secured to a wall quickly and efficiently, removing the need for costly building works.

Our mobility platform lifts are custom made to the length of your steps; we will manage restrictions presented with quality design to ensure the finished product is aesthetically pleasing as possible.


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