Our step lifting platforms are wall mounted and fold away automatically, making them an easy and convenient method of transportation between platforms for wheelchair users. They are suitable for access between two floor levels and can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on the users needs and the space available.

In comparison to our step lifts, our step lifting platforms provide users with support for when there are numerous steps to overcome rather than just small distances. There are also a range of different sizes available to fit different types of wheelchair, with a capacity of 225kg.

Our mobility platform lifts mean that wheelchair users do not need to transfer out of their wheelchair in order to use them. This cuts risk and inconvenience while increasing independence and quality of life as they can be used without the support of another person.

Our relationships with healthcare professionals, charities, local authorities and housing associations means that our installation and design processes are built to the highest standard with safety, compliance and convenience at the forefront of our mind. All our step lifting platforms are robust, safe and easy to use. Although small and sleek, our wheelchair lifts are strong and powerful and are secured to a wall quickly and efficiently. This removes the need for costly building works.

As our mobility platform lifts are custom made to the length of your steps, we will manage restrictions presented with quality design to ensure the finished product is aesthetically pleasing as possible. Compact and unobtrusive, our step lifting platforms take up less space than the building and fitting of a ramp and once installed, they are easy to maintain. This makes our platform lifts a perfect solution to increase mobility in both domestic and public environments.

There are a wide range of step lifting platforms available, and our team at Able Access can talk you through your options to find the right mobility platform lift for you. All our platform lifts are built to the highest standard and made to order. If you would like a member of our team to discuss the options available, please call 0121 382 1814 for a free, non-obligation appointment.