Installed straight stair lift in home Woman using home stair lift

Our straight stair lifts support those with mobility problems to travel up and down a straight flight of stairs independently and with ease. A rail rack is attached to the steps of the staircase, which is then fitted with a chair, motor, battery and remote.

They do not go around bends or turn corners, and as such, the rail rack does not need to be moulded in the way a curved stair lift does. As the rack only needs to be cut down to size, they are the most cost-effective and common form of stair lift.

We ensure that our straight stair lift products, once installed, are as unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Our sleek and narrow designs mean that our straight stair lifts can be fitted into most homes, blending seamlessly. They fit quickly and easily to the stairs, and not the wall. This means they require no structural changes to your home, reducing costs, time to install and obstruction.

Designed small, our straight stair lifts are manufactured to minimise the risk of injury or accident of users while providing enough space for those who want to climb the stairs. They are also strong and powerful, with options suitable for users up to 200kg and the outside. They are the definitive mobility solution, giving you full use of your home.

We understand the importance of customer safety, accessibility and compliance at Able Access. The installation of clip seat belts and an optional manual or powered footplate on our straight stair lifts will maintain independence and improve quality of life, as they can be used without the support of another person. We also offer an optional hinged rail to improve mobility and safety.

We work with your specific specifications in order to design, build and manufacture the right straight stair lift for you and your home. The installation process is quick and efficient, as we aim to improve the quality of our customer’s life without causing obstruction to their day.