By removing the stairs as an obstacle, the right stair lift will reduce worry and increase independence at home. Choosing a stair lift is about understanding your needs and wants and selecting the most appropriate solution. Our straight stair lifts are fitted to a flight of stairs and cut down to size, however our curved stair lifts can bend and turn corners, making them the ideal solution for multi-story homes.

Our curved stair lifts can encompass a variation of designs, from spiral to fanned and half or quarter landings. Due to the individualised nature of these lifts, all our rails are custom made to each home. This means that whatever staircase fitted into your home, we will be able to provide a curved stair lift that hugs each curve and bend closely and neatly. This close fit ensures that the space on the stairs is maximised with plenty of room for others to access the stairs as normal.

We ensure that our curved stair lifts are as unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing with sleek and narrow designs that blend effortlessly into your household. Fitting easily to the stairs rather than the wall, the installation of a curved stair lift requires no structural changes to your home, which reduces costs, time to install and obstruction.

At Able Access, we understand the importance of customer safety and accessibility. Although small, our stair lifts are designed to minimise the risk of injury for users and as such are strong and powerful. We have curved stair lifts available for users up to 200kg and the outdoors. We also install a folding footrest and seat belt in order to make the journey as comfortable as possible. This combined with the remote-control access provided maintains independence and improves quality of life for users as they can be used without the support of another person.

Our curved stair lifts provide an almost silent, safe, smooth and comfortable ride. Built to the highest standards, our lifts accommodate a wide range of staircase measurements. They are made to order, so if you would like a member of our team to visit your home to discuss the options available, please call us on 0121 382 1814 to book a free, no-obligation appointment.