So, we made the colossal mistake of letting Marie go on holiday to Cornwall where she used to live, for a couple of weeks. We personally don’t see what Cornwall has to offer that is better than Kingstanding and Birmingham?! But, upon her return from the barren, grey, cold Cornish coast she broke down in tears and said she loved us all and her job but was leaving us as she’d remembered why she loved Cornwall and just had to move back!

It was with great sorrow that we let her go, but Marie wouldn’t leave until she and the Director Lisa found a perfect new addition to the team. That’s our Marie, thinking about customer care and not leaving us in the lurch when most people would be off like a shot! Thinking of others first is the Able Access UK way. We had a lovely time before Marie left when she wasn’t bursting in to tears randomly and telling us how much she’d miss us. On her last day, we went out for a final team meal and just spent time together and ate and spoiled her with small meaningful presents that were easily transportable as she’d already sent all her possessions south.

Marie loved sourcing new products and bringing her clients dreams in to reality through her drawings and then in to their homes. She gained such joy from doing a good job and one that she found so rewarding.

We all keep in touch and Marie is loving life down there, and the added bonus for us is the free tour guide and friend to meet up with on holidays which a few of us have already taken advantage.

Despite Marie’s insistence, we are not as yet opening a Cornish branch of Able Access UK, mainly because everyone would want to work there.

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