At Able Access UK, we understand that manual lifting can be a huge discomfort to those that are being lifted and a massive strain on any carer. Our ceiling track hoists offer the most effective method for safely lifting someone. They are easy to manoeuvre and reliable, are always ready to use and help our customer transfer, from bed to chair, to the shower or into a wheelchair. Most importantly, they make moving a quicker and safer process which allows more time for care.

The safety, security and comfort of our customers comes first. Our ceiling track hoists come with an emergency stop and emergency lowering settings to protect our customer’s wellbeing. They are also very user friendly – they run silently and reduce sudden movements with a gentle and gradual stop and start. They can also help to reduce overexertion and injury to carers, providing a large lifting area with low and very high lifting options, so it is easy to transfer someone to a range of different places and positions without manual assistance or exertion.

All of our ceiling track hoists are installed as a permanent home fixture and can be fitted almost anywhere, which makes them very versatile and suitable for any home. All of our ceiling track hoists are fitted at ceiling height, so they only require minimum floor space. This helps free up our customer’s floor area, making it even easier for carers to help them move around. We also provide a straightforward installation service, with fully trained installers who will keep disruption to a minimum. Our team will show you how to operate your new equipment, and you will receive an operating manual for future reference.

We want to ensure that our customers have the best equipment for their individual situation and offer a range of different models and varieties.

If you have any questions about the options available and would like a free appointment, call us at 0121 382 1814 and speak to a member of our team.