If illness, disability or problems with mobility mean that you require the use of a wheelchair or walking aid, it may be necessary to adapt your porch so that you can safely access your home. A wheelchair accessible porch or possibly a ramp can make all the difference to your independence, allowing you to come and go without the assistance of another person.

Supporting our customers in living independently has always been at the forefront of our design and installation process. We understand that for those with disabilities or mobility problems, a wheelchair ramp and wheelchair accessible porch can make the difference between having to find a new accessible property and staying in your family home. Therefore, we offer a full range of wheelchair ramps for porches to overcome any access problems and provide extra space while keeping your garden aesthetically pleasing.

The external design will offer straightforward access for the wheelchair user while creating ample space for the wheelchair to move in and out of the home. You may also choose to connect your porch to a garage conversion or kitchen conversion to make getting around your house easier. At Able Access, we ensure that our designs remain inclusive to offer simple and affordable wheelchair accessible porches and wider solutions for all our clients in need.

Customer safety remains important in all our accessibility products. Through knowledge shared by healthcare professionals and local authorities combined with our experience means that we have developed a thorough build process which creates safe and secure mobility solutions. Whether it’s a wheelchair accessible porch, a garage conversion or a kitchen conversion, Able Access can support you throughout the process.

As specialists in the industry, we have gained an outstanding reputation for our gentle and knowledgeable approach, skilled tradespeople, quality materials and excellent aftercare. If you would like to contact a member of our team to discuss our wheelchair accessible porches, please call us on 0121 382 1814.