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Kitchens are often the hub of the home. However, for those with mobility issues, accessing and using the kitchen independently can be difficult.

In the kitchen, it is often easy to forget that work surfaces are usually built for those who can stand. If you are a wheelchair-user, simple tasks such as preparing food can become very difficult. By designing and installing a wheelchair accessible kitchen, Able Access will reduce your stress and increase confidence. This can be achieved by lowering work surfaces around the kitchen, giving you enough space for your wheelchair to slide in underneath.

Ensuring that you can use and access your kitchen safely and as independently as possible will provide a better quality of life, enabling you to move around safely and comfortably within the home. By installing accessible kitchens for wheelchair users, Able Access increase autonomy and confidence while seriously reducing health and safety risks.

Here at Able Access UK, our team of experts will support you from start to finish to create a kitchen that suits your needs from the design to installation. Customer service is something that we pride ourselves on here at Able Access. While providing you with essential space, we also offer expert advice with high-quality products.

All our kitchen conversions are curated to work within your own specifications and budget. We will build and design your conversion so that you are able to move around, cook and eat safely within your wheelchair accessible kitchen.

We understand that your requirements in the kitchen may not be straightforward. We can advise you on the best ways to make your new kitchen accessible and safe while achieving a beautiful look that will provide you and your family with a better, more independent and comfortable home.

As specialists in the industry, we have gained an outstanding reputation for our gentle and knowledgeable approach, skilled tradespeople, quality materials and excellent aftercare. If you would like to contact a member of our team to discuss our wheelchair accessible kitchens, please call us on 0121 382 1814. Alternatively, please feel free to browse or other conversion and access solutions such as our floor lifts, access ramps and rails, porches and garage conversions.