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Your home should always be your haven and safe place – somewhere you feel comfortable, happy, and able to fully relax. That’s not always possible, however, for people with mobility issues, especially if these issues have developed over time or come because of an accident.

Suddenly, navigating your home can feel like a challenge every single day: the stairs you used to climb daily impossible to overcome, the lips and steps in doorways a constant pain. That’s why converting your garage could be the perfect opportunity to create more accessible living spaces.


How Can a Garage Conversion Make Your Home More Accessible?

Your garage is the perfect space to convert into a second version of a room you may have lost easy access to, such as a bedroom, washroom, and more.

That’s because your garage is most likely on the same level as your ground floor, either attached to or only a short distance away from the main building of your home. Because of this, it is easy to build a small connection or add in a doorway to your new room to connect you directly from your home.

If you are no longer mobile enough to make your way upstairs, but perhaps live with several other people in your family who can, you may want your own personal living space that you can truly call yours!


What can we Convert Your Garage Into?

A garage conversion for living space can be carried out to provide you with any kind of room you would like and are often very flexible due to their size. Whether you need a utility room, such as kitchen or washroom, or a comfortable relaxation space, like a bedroom, office, or living room, your garage could be used for anything!

For example, since garages are on the ground floor and are often close to key water and gas pipes, a garage conversion to a kitchen is very possible. This could have several benefits for a mobility impaired person and for the house itself.

Firstly, you can choose the layout of your new kitchen, including the placement and height of your appliances and storage. If your current kitchen is too thin to accommodate your mobility needs, or certain things are out of reach, you can fully customise your new room to be as accessible and roomy as possible.

Your old kitchen could then also be remodelled itself to provide you with a brand-new room to use as you please!

This same philosophy can be used for other rooms, too, providing you with a fully flexible and customisable space to help improve the accessibility of any rooms you struggle with.

A garage bedroom conversion, for example, could provide you with a more accessible and better laid-out alternative to a room that is usually upstairs, potentially providing any family members living in your home with a new space to adapt or repurpose.


What Should be Considered When Planning a Garage Conversion?

There are a few considerations when planning a garage conversion, including how you want to access the room and your budget.

Firstly, consider whether you will need a garage door conversion to remove the original entrance and replace it, or if you want to keep it and simply insert another entrance on once of the walls.

Secondly, you may need to choose whether your garage conversion needs insulation or windows, to help make the room more comfortable year-round. You will also need to find a way to heat the room in winter if it is to be a core room for day-to-day living.

Lastly, the two points above and more will all need to be considered against your overall budget for the project. Removing your existing garage door and adding a new entrance would be more expensive but would also help insulate and seal the room more effectively.

Also remember that converting your garage to a kitchen will be a more expensive endeavour than a living room or office conversion because of the need to install all the necessary pipes and wires for appliances.


Do I Need Planning Permission to Convert my Garage?

If you are simply planning on converting just the inside of your garage, then you most likely won’t need any kind of planning permission from your local council.

However, since many garage conversions will require the modification of your external walls, the garage door, or even require the building of a connecting hallway, then you may need to contact your local authority just to be sure.


Also Consider Door Widening, Rails and Ramps When Planning a Garage Conversion

Able Access are experts in all things accessibility, and that includes making modifications or conversions within your home to help you get around.

All our garage conversions in Birmingham are curated to work within your specifications and budget, with our specialist designers and buildings completing the project from start to finish.

Plus, we can even offer door widening, rails, and ramp services to connect you with your new room and other parts of your home, allowing you to experience every aspect of your home freely and independently.

Would you like to find out more about our services and offering? Get in touch with our team today on 0121 382 1814 to ask any questions or book a free consultation to see exactly what we could do for you!