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Your home should always be a haven – somewhere you feel comfortable and can fully relax. For those with mobility issues, this is not always the case. As we get older, or for those in wheelchairs, getting access to upstairs can become more complicated.

There are a range of reasons as to why people may choose to convert their garage. Able Access offers a range of garage conversions for those with mobility issues and can turn your garage into spaces such as a wet room or bedroom. These home adaptations allow your garage conversion to suit your specific needs. Our garage conversions are relatively simple and offer a quick solution to provide you with the necessary facilities to increase confidence and independence within your home.

There are a range of factors you may need to consider when changing your garage into a bedroom or wet room, which includes differentiation in height between the existing garage and the main house, the width of doorways, whether a separate entrance is required, space for wheelchair manoeuvres, the addition of grab rails and the location of light switches and other controls.

Making your home more accessible increases independence and confidence while seriously reducing health and safety risk. Your preference for your garage conversion will be dependent on your own personal situation and abilities. Regardless of your own needs, all our garage conversions are curated to work within your own specifications and budget. We will design and build your conversion, whether you need a wet room or a bedroom so that you are able to move around safely and comfortably within your own home.

Customer service is something that we pride ourselves on here at Able Access. While providing you with essential space, we offer expert advice with high-quality products.

Alongside the conversion, we also offer a range of home adaptations as well as door widening, step lifts, ramps and rails. This means that we can provide you with the perfect access solution regardless of your needs. Contact us or call us on 0121 382 1814 to book your FREE home consultation or order a FREE brochure.