If you are looking after a relative or friend with mobility issues, the biggest factor you must consider is how you will accommodate them with minimum disruption and maximum comfort. A downstairs extension is a perfect addition to any home, allowing for open living space to improve quality of life and increase independence for those with problems with mobility. There are a range of extension options you may choose, including changing a garage space into a bedroom or creating an accessible kitchen for wheelchair users.

Depending on the size of the home extension, you may be able to make room for an open living space, a separate shower room and a bedroom. You may also choose to install double doors to the back of the extension to flood the room with natural light and provide the occupant with pleasant views of the garden.

To extend your home, you may decide a garage conversion will be best. This is usually the most cost-effective method as usually, planning permission is not required to convert your garage into additional living space. This is dependent on the specifics of the adaptation, providing that the work is internal and does not involve enlarging the building.

There are many factors you may want to consider when designing your garage conversion. You will probably have some specific needs for the conversion, depending on the illness or mobility issue. You may need space for a wheelchair to turn and go through doorways with ease, and so you may install a wheelchair accessible door or widen a doorframe. You may also lower handles within the conversion to enable the lowering or pulling of something, or simply just for holding on to.

If installing a bathroom space, you may decide to install shower facilities which can be used sitting down with light switches at an appropriate height and location. At Able Access, we can also support with the installation of an emergency pullcord.

Another important detail that you will need to consider is the flooring used within the extension or conversion. Even if there is plenty of space for a wheelchair to get through, carpet or old wood floors that are uneven can be tough to navigate on wheels. Adding raised flooring and ramps in the appropriate places to aid mobility around the conversion/extension will benefit the user and improve the quality of life.

By making a property accessible, you can increase comfort and independence for the individual needing it. The home adaptations you make will depend on your own abilities and preferences. Alongside conversions, we also offer a range of home adaptations as well as door widening, step lifts, ramps and rails. This means that we can provide you with the perfect access solution regardless of your needs.

At Able Access, our experience and expertise mean that we can fulfil your needs and design and install a converted and extended space. For more information, on garage conversions and extensions, please contact our dedicated customer service team by calling 0121 382 1814.