Your home should be a haven – somewhere you can relax and feel comfortable. For those in a wheelchair, new homes can often lead to difficult complications with mobility. Home adaptations support wheelchair users, the elderly and those with mobility issues by ensuring that they can access the whole home without problems and without the assistance of another person.

Adapting your home will increase your quality of life, minimise the risk of injury or accident and ensure that you can move around freely, increasing your independence. There are a range of ways that this can be achieved. Whether it’s designing or converting kitchens and garages, widening doorways, or installing a walk-in shower, Able Access can provide a wide range of home adaptations.

Other home adaptations for wheelchair users includes lowering surfaces. It is often easy to forget that work surfaces are typically built for those who can stand. If you are a wheelchair-user, simple tasks such as preparing food can be particularly difficult. Able Access will reduce your stress and increase confidence by lowering work surfaces around the home, giving you enough space for your wheelchair to slide in underneath. We can also install a range of grab rails which can support those with mobility issues in the shower or bath as well as wherever they are needed.

By making a property accessible, you can increase comfort and independence. You may choose to change the layout or use of an area or possibly add a small extension to significantly increase the available space to move around safely and comfortably. The home adaptations you make will depend on your own abilities and preferences.

At Able Access, all our home adaptations for wheelchair users and the elderly are curated to work within your specifications and budget. We design, build and install the adaptations for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand that every person has their own individual challenges and as such, managing these restrictions during installation is vital.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. After many years developing and creating home adaptations for our customers, we have developed a thorough installation process. Alongside this, we offer expert advice and provide quality products and workmanship.

Whether you need ramps, rails, door widening, step lifts, we can find you the perfect access solution. Contact us or call us on 0121 382 1814 to book your free home consultation or order your free brochure.