Customised Comfort

Everyone has the right to an independent life, whether it be at work, in leisure or even for essential needs such as using the bathroom; with a Geberit wash dry toilet you are in control. Combining the convenience of an automated warm water wash and warm air drying, along with other features, using the toilet no longer becomes an arduous pursuit. Elegantly designed, the shower toilet incorporates a simple to use shower, dryer and odour extraction. It provides you with an all-round cleaner, comfortable and more hygienic experience. In addition, the Geberit wash dry toilet is easy to operate and virtually touch-free. The Geberit wash dry toilet is suitable for most living situations. It will leave you feeling clean, fresh and improve your sense of well-being.


  • With close-coupled cistern
  • User detection
  • Odour extraction unit with active carbon filter can be activated
  • Integrated storage water heater
  • Spray arm with nozzle can be extended for anal and vaginal area
  • Washdown WC with dirt-repellent ceramic surface
  • Spray intensity can be set to seven different levels
  • Adjustable storage water heater operating mode (ON/OFF/economy mode)
  • Spray arm can be set to seven different positions
  • Pulsating massage spray can be activated
  • Adjustable oscillating spray (automatic forward and reverse motion of the spray arm)
  • Adjustable shower water temperature
  • Shower spray gradually cools down continuously during shower procedure
  • Automatic pre-rinsing of spray nozzle with fresh water and post-rinsing with Geberit nozzle cleaner
  • Dryer can be activated
  • Adjustable dryer temperature
  • Dryer arm can be extended
  • Functions and settings via remote control
  • Three user profiles can be programmed
  • Toilet flush can be started by remote control
  • Seat height adjustable in 2-cm increments from 41 to 53 cm
  • Special seat without lid
  • Touchless flush actuation

Geberit is European market leader in sanitary technology. Since its founding in 1874, the company has been a pioneer in the industry and continuously thrives on its Swiss precision and engineering. Geberit is recognised for producing state of the art products renowned for their endurance and cutting edge design.