Bio-Bidet accessible toilet

Ideal for less able users, the Bidet is fed by the water mains and offers a range of temperature, water spray and dryer options. Some of the features include adjustable spray, temperature and dryer settings that allow the user to tailor the bidet to meet their specific comfort and cleaning requirements.

Quiet and efficient operation promotes user dignity whilst providing a reliable experience as low noise heater, water pump, dryer motor is included. Night light helps users with sight loss or dementia locate the toilet in any poor light conditions.

Also, pressure and flow is optimised for efficient and continuous cleaning. The self-cleaning function ensures the nozzle and surrounding area are hygienic. There are features such as pre and post-wash nozzle cleaning and also automatic water purge if not used for 72 hours.

Remote control provides users with full function control via a handheld remote, which is easy to use and supports carers with retaining user dignity. The integral seat sensor prevents accidental usage by ensuring activation only occurs when the seat is in use.

It’s easy to clean, with very little maintenance required throughout the bidet’s lifetime. The quick-release seat and lid make cleaning, maintenance, or even moving property easier. It also features a lid and seat lift assist with front moulded grip and contrasting side tabs.

Some Of The Other Major Features

  • A variety of wash positions
  • Regular wash cycles
  • High power water heater
  • 2-minute constant wash cycle and a 1-minute gradual cooling wash cycle
  • 6 stage temperature control (between 30-40°C)
  • A variety of spray intensity settings
  • 3-minute standard drying cycle
  • 6 temperature settings (40-52°C approx.)
  • Adjustable speed settings