Product Shot Of Walk In Baths Type 1

Walk In Baths (Type 1)

Our walk-in baths are designed and handmade in the Midlands which provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience. The seals come with a lifetime guarantee. Find out more
Product Shot Of Walk In Baths Type 2

Walk In Baths (Type 2)

With options such as moulded seats, anti-slip surfaces and lever handles you gain added comfort as well as reassurance for easier and safer bathing. Find out more
Man and Wife Using Able Access's Care Assisted Bathing Solution.

Care Assisted Bathing

The walk-in baths come in a wide range of colours, optional hydro-spa which is perfect for helping improve circulation, can be fitted with thermostatic tapware or over bath shower fittings to ensure the users bathing experience is safe. Find out more
Product Shot Of Able Access's Walk In Baths

Bathing Equipment Boards

A bath board may be a suitable product to add to your existing bath enabling you to wash more safely, and in many cases they can be supplied by social services free of charge if you speak with your occupational therapist. It is unlikely to be a long-term solution but may be beneficial in the short term.

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