How to choose the right wetroom for you

The best way to find whether a wetroom is best for you is to visit our showroom. This will provide you with the knowledge you need to know about the key issues: step heights, turning circles, slip resistant products, weight tolerance and drainage considerations. The practical knowledge you can learn from visiting our showroom will ensure that you make the right purchase for your current and likely future needs.

Level Best

  • Full height glass screens complement any elegant bathroom
  • Easy installation
  • Can be installed with a variety of shower tray configurations
  • Water tight high integrity seal included
  • 6mm safety glass to EN 12600 Class 1
  • Contemporary polished aluminium finish
  • Cut-to-length support rails rotate for multi-angle connections

Tuff Form Tray

  • Creates a full level access showering solution
  • Exceptionally strong to accommodate a user with wheelchair and a carer
  • Tens of thousands of installations worldwide, so it’s popular – and proven!
  • Fully recyclable, made from reusable plastic
  • Superior strength and rigidity providing excellent water integrity with comfort and safety underfoot

Care Wetrooms

  • Half-height screens give easy access for assisted bathing
  • Automatic rising butt hinges raise and lower the water seals for smooth and easy opening and closing
  • High-quality water seals for continuous water barrier
  • Smooth 180° hinges enable doors to open both inwards and outwards enabling free and easy access for those with mobility and stability problems
  • Bi-fold screen designs with full 360° movement to help maximise the entrance opening

We will work closely with you to understand your own individual challenges and manage the restrictions presented to provide the best solution available. Please feel free browse our other accessible shower solutions: Level Access ShowerCare Assisted Showers and Low-Level Showers. Or if you would like a member of our team to discuss the options available, please call 0121 382 1814 to arrange a free appointment.

Key Factors

Working closely with healthcare professionals and occupational therapists means we approach the design of your new walk in shower differently to our competitors, concentrating on the following key factors:

The less mobile the person, the larger the area is needed for turning. In our experience all too often baths are replaced with shower cubicles that do not allow enough space.

Most shower trays that are fitted must be strong enough to bear not only the weight of the user but also assistance from family members or carers. Without sufficient strength, the product will crack and leak, causing damp problems after the installation.

The higher the step into a walk-in shower the more core strength is required. Often stepping out of the shower or bath is far more dangerous than stepping in. For that reason, the correct safety flooring or use of a level access showering solution can help prevent and reduce falls reducing hospital admissions in the longer term.

It is very easy to overlook the possibility of being scalded by hot water. If the correct temperature controls are not installed and calibrated, users can easily be burned.

Some installations use pumps to bring water to and from your walk-in shower, which in our experience can result in costly maintenance issues later on. We always try to design and install a natural gravity based drainage system.

Keeping the room warm for the user is important for many people who are suffering with an illness or general older age. We use ladder style towel rails that will not only heat your room but your towels too. They can also be fitted with a dual fuel feature to enable you to warm towels in the summer months. It is also possible to install under floor heating for an added touch of luxury.