Low profile level access shower with Braddan tray, carer screens and curtains

Level Access Showers

There are many key factors when designing your walk-in shower, fall prevention being one. Often, stepping out of the shower is far more dangerous than stepping in, therefore making level access showering options a favoured choice with Occupational Therapists.

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Wetroom With Fixed Glass Screen


The less mobile the person, the larger the area is needed for turning circles. Planning ahead for the unforeseen is important to avoid unnecessary costs later.

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The Doc M is a great option for toilets for disabled at home

Care Assisted Showers

When the person showering requires assistance from family members or carers it is important that the products are of a suitable strength to support the weight so not to crack, causing leaks and problems in the future.

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Low Level Shower Case Study Product Shot - The Hunters

Low Level Shower (Cubicle)

In some cases it may not be possible, or desired, to take the drainage below floor level and to avoid the need for a shower waste pump a low-level tray can be used. It is worth bearing in mind that this option does create a form of trip hazard for people with certain conditions and avoiding any sort of step is the better option.

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