Making even the simplest of adaptations to the home can make the difference about whether a person is able to continue to live safely at home. Whether it’s through-floor lifts, straight or curved stair lifts, ramps, step lifts or step-lifting platforms, Able Access offers a full range of home adaptations to overcome any access problems that may arise due to steps around the home. Combined with our access ramps and wheelchair ramps, these could be the best solutions for accessing your home both safely and independently.

Supporting our customers in living independently has always been at the forefront of our design and installation processes at Able Access. We understand that for those with mobility problems, steps can be an overwhelming obstacle. Removing these steps as a difficulty reduces worry in our customers, giving them access to different floors within the home while allowing them to remain independent and comfortable.

Choosing the right access solution for your steps is about understanding your needs and wants.

Our straight stair lifts are fitted to a flight of stairs and cut down to size, whereas our curved stair lifts bend corners, making them an ideal solution for multi-story homes.

If you need support getting in and out of your home, a ramp can give back or maintain your independence, while keeping your garden aesthetically pleasing.

Our through-floor lifts can be fitted almost anywhere in the home, and it will only move when requested, leaving full-floor space when not in use.

Our wheelchair step lifts are designed for travelling short distances and can be secured to wall, door or floor levels, while step-lifting platforms are made to the length of your steps. This makes our platform lifts a perfect solution to increase mobility in both domestic and public environments.

Customer safety remains important in all our step solutions. Through knowledge shared by healthcare professionals, charities, local authorities and housing associations, we have developed a thorough build process that creates safe and secure mobility solutions while adhering to all legal requirements. We are specialists in the industry, but what makes us different from the rest is that everyone who works for Able Access genuinely wants to do the best job for you and your family because we know how much what we do will change your life.

At Able Access, we manage the entire process with you so that you feel comfortable and confident in our step access solutions. We have a gentle and knowledgeable approach, skilled tradespeople, quality materials and excellent aftercare. If you would like a member of our team to discuss the options available, please call 0121 382 1814 for a free appointment.