Our ramps are designed to help make mobility easy, even on uneven ground. Whether you need to navigate your front door to the path on a mobility scooter, or through raised doorways in a wheelchair, our wheelchair ramps for homes can help.

Ramps are a simple, yet elegant mobility solution designed to help those who may not be able to walk navigate stairs, door sills and lips, garden spaces, and uneven ground. While often found in public spaces, our ramps are designed specifically for home usage, ensuring that you can enjoy all areas of your home equally without having to leave your chair.

Installing ramps in your home, much like many of our access solutions, could give back your independence, allowing you to enter and exit your home without additional support, and improve your safety.

What is a Wheelchair Access Ramp?

Suitable for those in wheelchairs and mobility scooters and perfectly unobtrusive for those who can walk, a wheelchair access ramp helps wheelchair users navigate otherwise difficult doorways, lips, kerbs, and more.

Wheelchair ramps can come in several shapes and sizes, depending on the need of the resident and the specifications of their home. The most common type would be a door ramp, which is usually only large enough for one doorway, step, or section of kerb.

These wheelchair ramps for homes can be easily and seamlessly installed on either a temporary or permanent basis. This means that if you are in a wheelchair due to a temporary injury, you can easily remove it when it is no longer needed, or it can be a permanent fixture for someone with long-term mobility concerns.

Alternatively, you may want an external access ramp for your house, which can be installed in your front (and back) garden to help you more easily move from the path to your door. This helps you avoid any uneven ground or stairs that are currently there.

How Much Space is Needed for a Wheelchair Ramp?

Our wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps for home use are as unobtrusive and space efficient as possible. Our door ramps are often less than a metre in length, allowing for easy movement through doorways and over ledges without obscuring the floor space of your room.

For larger external access ramps, we will work to ensure it takes up as little room as possible, though the most important thing is that the ramp is shallow and steady in slope and elevation. An even ramp that doesn’t tilt too much provides easier mobility to our customers.

Our ramp designs are completely adjustable to fit the space and function you need them for!

How Wide Does a Wheelchair Ramp Need To Be?

Your ramps will need to be wide enough to allow the simple movement of your wheelchair or mobility scooter, which is usually just under a metre. This will be the case for your door ramps and external access ramps.

As such, it may also be necessary to widen certain doorways when it comes to the installing your door ramps, which we can do all as part of the same process.

Do Wheelchair Ramps Need Handrails?

The addition of handrails is entirely optional for both temporary and permanent wheelchair ramps for homes. We will work closely with you to assess and select the right ramp for your home, situation, and budget.

Handrails can be useful if you don’t always rely on your wheelchair or mobility scooter for movement, or if you have other members of your household who may still walk around.

Handrails can help improve the safety of your ramps, especially those outside, but they are not always necessary, so you can choose whether to include them or not in your ramp designs.

How Much Slope Do our Wheelchair Ramps Have?

The slope of our ramps are completely adjustable and customised to suit your needs, but we will always aim to keep them as shallow as possible to help with the ease and safety of your movement solutions.

We will work with you to lay out our plans and expectations having assessed the location of the ramp and will ensure that you are happy with our decisions before moving forward.

Is It Difficult to Install Access Ramps?

When installing our access ramps, we think considerably about customer safety, accessibility, and compliance. Our wheelchair ramps come with rapid design and installation. They are made of high-quality durable steel and are safe and reliable, meaning wheelchair and scooter users can feel comfortable when travelling.

After many years of experience designing and installing wheelchair ramps, and through knowledge shared by healthcare professionals, charities, housing associations and local authorities, we have developed a thorough build and installation process. We do this quickly and efficiently to ensure ease of accessibility for our customers and avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Our wheelchair ramps can fit over existing utilities, drains and manholes easily, without deconstruction, which can reduce costs and increase practicality.

Our wheelchair ramp designs are completely adjustable for slope, length, and shape, and our handrails can be complete, partial, or non-existent depending on your own requirements.

At Able Access, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We work with your specifications in order to design, build and install the right access ramp for you. We understand that each person will have individual challenges, and managing the restrictions presented is vital in ensuring that the finished result is unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

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