Person holding onto a handrail outside their home

A simple fall can lead to severe injury and potentially life-threatening consequences.

When we become older or when we are affected by illness or disability, making adaptations to our home to ensure it is safer for our changing needs can make all the difference to our safety. Around the home, installing handrails or grabrails can significantly reduce the risk of falls by providing stability, leverage and restoring confidence around your home.

At Able Access, our handrails for outdoor steps have been designed to support those with mobility issues, such as the elderly. For a better quality of life, the installation of an outdoor handrail for the elderly will maintain independence and allow the individual to safely enter and leave their home.

Using only high-quality materials and finishes, all our hand rails are compatible alongside steps or walkways to help those who would benefit from the further assistance our stair rails can provide. Designed to be quick and easy to install, all our handrails for outdoor steps are flexible and adaptable for a wide array of locations. They will be cut to size and attached to the relevant surface using strong rivets, which provide a quick but secure method of installation.

We think heavily about customer experience. After many years of experience designing and installing rails and with thorough knowledge shared by healthcare professionals, charities, housing associations and local authorities, we have developed a thorough installation process. We do this quickly and efficiently to ensure ease of accessibility for our customers and to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Although our handrails have been designed to work independently, they can equally be used to complement our ramp installations. Whatever you decide, we can provide unique and versatile designs which are suitable for both permanent and temporary use. Whether you need complete handrails or partial designs, we will create a practical hand rail solution for you.

We understand that each person will have individual challenges, and managing these restrictions presented is a vital step in ensuring that the finished handrail is unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. We aid our customers by improving their working or personal life, and we are always on hand to answer any questions you have.

Alongside our handrails, we also have a large range of grab rails which are perfect for within the home. We also have a full range of lift solutions such as step lifts, stair lifts and through floor lifts to work alongside any handrail.