Walk in Showers

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Walk in Showers – Easy and Safe Bathing

At Able Access, we have 7 years of experience in designing and installing walk in showers and walk in baths. Our expertise comes from many years of working with occupational therapists and health care professionals. We have learned over the years that when replacing your existing bath with a walk in shower it is important to take the time to make sure you are selecting the right type of walk in shower for your needs.

There are generally 3 types of walk in showers:

1. shower cubicles

2. low level shower

3. level access showers

Different companies call these products by different names. Each walk in shower type has its own benefits from a visual, practical and technical point of view. The important step is to figure out which walk in shower type is right for you, both now and in the longer term.

How to Choose the Right Walk in Shower for You

The best way to find what walk in shower will work best for you is to visit our showroom and try each shower type. This will provide you with the knowledge you need to know about some key issues: step heights, turning circles, slip resistant products, weight tolerance and drainage considerations. The practical knowledge you can learn from visiting our showroom will ensure that you make the right purchase for your current and likely future needs. For clients looking for walk in showers where the  ‘level of care’ requirement is higher, please click here.

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Home Assessment and Free Quotations for Your Walk in Shower

Home AssessmentEvery person is an individual, with their own individual needs, so the first part of the process to find a bathing solution is to meet you and your family at your house so that we can understand your specific requirements and take a good look at the existing bathroom.

Once you have chosen the type of walk in shower that’s right for you, you then decide how much or how little work you want us to do to fit your budget and requirements. The choice is always yours and we work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Once the practical considerations are agreed, we move on to the look of your new walk in shower room. You’ll find that we offer a huge range of design combinations to choose from. We make it easy for you to combine comfort, style and practicality in your new easy access bathroom.

All Assessments and Quotations are FREE of Charge.

6 Key factors when designing your walk in shower or walk in bath

Working closely with healthcare professionals and occupational therapists means we approach the design of your new walk in shower or walk in bath differently to our competitors, concentrating on the following key factors:

  • Turning circles

The less mobile the person, the larger the area that is needed for turning. Sounds obvious, but in our experience all too often baths are replaced with shower cubicles that do not allow for a large enough turning circle, which defeats the object of instsalling a shower in the first place.

  • Strength

Most shower trays and walk in baths that are fitted must be strong enough to bear the not only the weight of the user but also to allow assistance from family members or carers. Without sufficient strength, the product will cracks and leak, causing damp problems after the installation.

  • Fall Prevention

The higher the step into a walk in bath or shower the more core strength is required. Often stepping out of the shower or bath is far more dangerous than stepping in. For that reason, the correct safety flooring or use of a level access showering solution can help prevent falls and reduce resulting hospital admissions in the longer term.

  • Burning and Scolding

It is very easy to overlook the possibility of being scolded by hot water, especially where walk in baths are concerned.  Walk in baths are filled with the user already sitting in the bath. If the correct temperature controls are not installed and calibrated, users can easily be burned.

  • Drainage Solutions

Some installations use pumps to bring water to and from your walk in shower, which in our experience can result in costly maintenance issues later on.  We always try to design and install a natural gravity based drainage system.

  • Heating

Remember that for walk in baths, all the water has to flow out of the bath before the user can open the door. If the time taken for the water to flow out is too long, it can lead to users sitting in a cold bath for a while whilst waiting for the water to empty. The time for the bath to empty should be measured at installation, and alterations made, if required, to reduce the time the user is left sitting in cold water waiting for the bath to empty.

Based in Birmingham, we provide walk in showers and baths to clients throughout the West Midlands. Contact us or call us on 0121 382 1814 for an initial no obligation consultation at your home and a FREE quotation.